A new year, a fresh start. While I don’t personally create new year resolutions, I do think this time of year provides a point of reflection. It’s a check-in period to re-align how you are living life intentionally.

For this new year, below are 5 areas that you can simplify your life. I’ve also added links in this post as a sort of recap of some of my most popular articles in 2017.

Your Mindset – The state of your mind is what determines how you perceive the world. Without a solid mindset, everything else will be difficult to do. In the right frame of mind, the options are endless. Make 2018 the year that you simplify your mindset. Focus on things in your control, love yourself, and develop an abundance mindset.

Your Health – You get one body in life – treat it that way. Being healthy is not just for macho gym bros, it’s something that improves the quality of your life across the board. Eat well, move, and create an understanding that your body is a part of who you are.

Your Finances – Strain on household finances is one of the leading causes of depression and anxiety. If you are striving for a simple life, your finances are a good place to focus. You don’t need to live paycheck to paycheck, under a mountain of debt, and you can build wealth over time. In 2018, tell your money what to do by creating and following a budget. My wife and I also set yearly financial goals, to help us prioritize how we use the money we have.

Your Relationships – Who do you enjoy spending time with? Who drains your energy? Make an effort to spend time with people who help you grow, and avoid those that take away from your experience. Set healthy boundaries in your life with family and friends, and build two-way relationships. And remember that you can’t be everything for everyone.

Your Possessions – The 80/20 principle says that you primarily use only about 20% of your possessions. Your cookware, clothing, gadgets, etc., all fall under this theory. In 2018, try to develop a more minimalist approach to possessions, and focus on items that you actually need, or find great joy from. Keep in mind that upgrading to the latest and greatest is often not worth the cost. Buy products that are made to work.

Cheers to a simple and effective 2018!

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  1. Sivananthan
    August 7, 2018

    Good advice!


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