If you don’t love yourself, who will?

Loving yourself is step 1 for a good life. It’s acknowledging that you are important and capable of great things. Without loving yourself, you’ll be constantly treading water and “chasing” a life for somebody else.

I think a persistent problem in our culture is the inability for people to look themselves in the mirror and love the person that they see. We spend little time embracing love towards ourselves, and instead look to entertainment, material goods, and vices for comfort. It’s easier to distract yourself then to love yourself it seems.

Whereas people who radiate the feelings of self-respect and self-love are noticeable. We like the people that are clearly comfortable with themselves. Not egotistical, but genuine love for oneself. It’s a magnetic force of positivity.

How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself means thinking and acting in a way that shows love for yourself.

You begin with self reflection, “who am I?”. Really stopping and thinking about who you are is a meditation. It’s a powerful way to examine your life and understand yourself.

What makes you, you?

Your life. Your body. Your values. Your attachments. Your aims.

Accept and love who you are. Say, “I love myself” out loud. If verbally saying that phrase makes you uncomfortable, you are not ready to embrace love for yourself. Say it out loud. Mean it.

Accept the good and the bad of who you are. You don’t have to be perfect to love yourself. Part of respecting yourself is to accept who you are, including faults. Your weaknesses can be addressed through living with self-love. Let your strengths be enhanced through your love.

A Loved Life

A mindset of self-love will reward you.

Learning how to love yourself has powerful implications. The way you spend your time, the actions you take, the people you interact with, and your worldview as a whole become adapted to the betterment of you and those around you.

Love in its purest form will guide you.

You begin to frame situations in terms of “If I loved myself, would I…”

  • If I loved myself, would I allow myself to think this way? Self-destructive thoughts are only going against the concept of loving yourself. You’ll find it easier to stop them in their tracks.
  • If I loved myself, would I treat my body this way? Eating junk food tastes good. Working out can be hard. But if you really love your yourself, keeping your body healthy is important. You’ll find that healthy habits enhance your love.
  • If I loved myself, would I make this decision? In the face of having to make a decision, framing it as an “act of love” can be helpful. Many choices are not black and white, but some reflection can help.

A loved life will allow you to be happier and more content, and improving the world around you. It’s a mindset you need to cultivate and maintain, and well worth the dedication.

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