Sometimes when you look towards the future, gazing over the horizon of what is to come, it scares you.

When you are a toddler, it’s the dark.

Then it’s the bike without training wheels.

Then it’s performing in the school play.

Then it’s talking to that boy/girl.

Years later, it’s to apply for that first job in high school.

Which college should you go to? Should you even go to college?

This exam, then that exam.

Now it’s time to find a real job.

An uncomfortable conversation with a close friend or maybe your boss.

That 5K run you signed up for.

When you look back at almost all of your life events, you realize they are not that scary. They ended up being days, just like others, that you get through. Like the current of a river, your life passes through each of these moments.

It’s in the moment of moving through the challenging horizons of our lives that we learn to grow. We learn more about ourselves, what we are capable of doing, and how we can cope with what life throws at us.

While it may seem great to live a conflict-free, stress-free life, the reality is that you as a person would not be able to grow. You can’t progress without overcoming change and challenging situations.

Embracing the Horizon

What if instead of seeing challenges on the horizon as intimidating, we saw them as a way to grow?

What if you searched out opportunities to challenge yourself?

Instead of fearing the future, learn how to embrace it. Push yourself as a person towards the goals and life you want to live, even if that means taking on intimidating challenges.

When you reach the other side, when you cross over the horizon, you’ll look back from the vantage point of a better you.

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