You have one life.  Just one opportunity to create the life, and live the experience you desire.

If we had just one of something else, we’d be incredibly protective of it, making sure that is used to the fullest. Being sure that it stays in our control, and that we don’t “lose” it… Is this how you treat your life?

Many people (including myself at times) allow their life to be owned by other people. We let our time slip away into useless distractions. We fret and argue over politics and news that we have no control over. We go into debt for items that we don’t actually need, selling our future self’s work hours.

When you don’t actively take ownership over your life, other people will.

You can develop the mindset of personal ownership. Make ownership of your life a mantra you abide to. With personal ownership over your life, you can live the life you want.

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