Is there something that you are wanting to purchase right now?

It could be something relatively small, like a new tech gadget or a piece of clothing. Or maybe it’s something larger, a new car, or your house envy is catching up to you.

No matter what it is, what would happen if you didn’t buy it? How would your life be negatively impacted by NOT purchasing this item you are considering? 

I’d be willing to bet that your life would not be impacted nearly as much as you are trying to convince yourself it would.

10 Years Later

If you buy it, where will it be 10 year later? Will you still be excited to have it? Or is it going to be in a landfill somewhere?

If instead of buying it, you invested that same money into mutual funds, you’d have doubled your money by now.

Try Not Buying

So here is my challenge to you – try not buying something. Whatever it is that you think you want, just don’t buy it. You’ll quickly find that you need much less than you think you do.

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