As the savvy consumer you are, you probably actively seek out simple living, minimalist, and earth friendly products.

Now that I’ve been writing on this topic for so long, I consider myself a bit of an expert on simple living and green products.

Today I’m writing this post to share with you the best simple living products you can buy.


The List of Best Products

Best Simple Living Product – In my opinion, the best simple living product is the one you don’t buy. It’s the product that is free, doesn’t exist, and requires none of your effort to maintain.

Best Minimalist Product – This one is easy. The best product to enhance your minimalist lifestyle is the one you don’t buy. What’s more minimal than that?

Best Earth Friendly Product – My criteria for the best earth friendly, or green products as they say, is that it creates zero waste and is made from a process that is carbon neutral. After pouring through my purchases over the last 10 years, I can say with confidence that the most earth friendly product is the one I didn’t buy.

The One You Don’t Buy

I’m sure you get the point. You can’t buy your way into a simple, minimal, or earth friendly lifestyle.

Any time you purchase something you are left with more stuff and less money. Stuff that took energy, materials, and labor to make. Stuff that cost money and energy to transport to your home. Stuff that will take up space in your life, until it eventually ends up in a landfill. Money spent that is gone forever.

Be wary of any marketing message that promotes a product as simple, minimal, or earth friendly.

I do actively believe in the incredible benefits of a capitalist economy, and that voting with your dollars for the best products is important. However, just because a product is better than alternatives, doesn’t mean you need to buy anything at all.


  1. Anne Johnson
    July 15, 2018

    I have to admit that I was kind of amazed at the title. “The best simple living products” seemed like something you wouldn’t see on this blog. So, I was happy when I read the article.

    • James
      July 15, 2018

      Trying to have a little fun!

  2. Socrates
    July 16, 2018

    Carbon Neutral?? Liberals like the buzzword ‘Carbon Neutral’ like ‘Gluten Free’!
    Do they realize that every life form on this planet including humans are carbon forms?
    So should we eliminate ourselves (billions & billions more) & truly make Earth Carbon Neutral?


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