Simple living seems to attract people who seek control in their lives.

This at first seems strange, as why would somebody who is perhaps anxious, or a control freak, naturally gravitate towards a life philosophy that seems lofty and “free loving”?

But when you think about it though, simple living is really all about control.

  • control of your time
  • control of your enviornment
  • control of your thoughts
  • control of money
  • control of relationships

As you simplify the most important areas of your life, you begin to gain more control over them. With less to manage, you can be much more intentional with how you run your life.

When your schedule is simplified, you are able to control what activities you are saying yes and no to.

When your environment is simplified, you can keep your home clean.

When your money is simplified, you can have control over your finances, your budget, and your cash flow.

People like us tend to like the idea of simple living, as it not only allows us more control, but also creates an environment where we can be more intentional with our actions.

I’ve written before how understanding your control is an important part of living a more simple life. Knowing what areas of your life you have control over allows you to focus more on what you can impact, and less on what you cannot.

Simple Living an Anecdote to Our Busy Lives

As working professionals, parents, students, etc., your ability to manage your schedule is invaluable skill. The more control you have over the way you interact with the world, the more successful you will be.

Simple living is an anecdote to our busy lives. You can be more effective in what matters when you are task yourself with managing less. For people who like control, or are more stress-oriented, simple living is the answer.


  1. Diana Lynne
    August 27, 2018

    Thank you for this article. It reaffirms the importance of choices and priorities. Without control over the different aspects of our lives we fall into chaos and even into a sense of helplessness. I am trying to work more in the direction of simple living.

    • James
      August 28, 2018

      Thanks Diana! Yes, completely agree that a “sense of helplessness” is often a symptom of a life that is not in control.


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