How often do you stop and ask why?

It’s a question that forces you to face the reality that, maybe, you don’t have a good reason for doing something. Maybe if you actually thought about it, you’d make a different choice.

Why do you want X?

Why do you believe X to be true?

Why do you do X?

Why do you keep X?

You fill in what your “X” is, and ask “why?”

Challenging Assumptions

Some of the best growth in our lives comes about when we challenge assumptions. Personally, it can force us to reconsider a path that we are on, or a decision we are making. Professionally, it can make you a leader in your organization by improving a process.

Asking, “why?” should not be done in the whiney way of a toddler. Your aim should be that of discovery, and to get to the root of why an action is being done.

Once at the root of the “why?,” then you are able to look outwards to the “what.”

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