One of the ways that simple living makes your life more effective is that it allows you to be proactive, instead of reactive.

Our bodies respond to stimuli. When we see, hear, or feel something, that sends signals to our brain to respond. Chemicals are released and we react.

With our busy modern lives, we are often in a state of overstimulation. Most notably, the near constant digital notifications we are getting from our phones, computers, smart watches, and smart speakers. Every message, every app notification, causes our body to respond to a stimulation.

Beyond digital stimuli, a complicated life that is full of stress and materialism is likely to cause overstimulation and put your body in defense mode. We’re often reacting to our piles of clutter and disorganization.

The problem with all of this reaction is that we don’t have the ability to PROACTIVE. We can’t be effective at doing new things, taking care of important tasks, or even just enjoy thing moment.

How Simple Living Makes You Proactive

As you simplify you life, you begin to reduce the overstimulation that has creeped into your life. This leads to a less reactive, and more proactive life.

Intentionality – Simple living forces you to act in a way that is intentional. Since you can’t do everything, you begin ask important questions: Do I need this? Is this important to me? Why am I doing this? You proactively begin to think about the decisions you are making.

Less Distractions – Reducing your distractions means that you will spend less time reacting. Minimize your life through the 80/20 principle, reduce your digital notifications, and focus on what’s in your control.

More Energy – Ask anybody who has simplified their life and they will tell you the same thing every time, “if feels like a weight has been lifted off of me.”  When you go through the process of embracing simple living, you’ll find that you have more resources available to proactively start living the life you want. More time, more money, and more opportunity.

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