This is a big day! Lot’s going on! IMPORTANT NEWS!

In International News: Conflicts continue to rise between the United States and North Korea. The german chancellor Angela Merkel wast just re-elected to power, but the internal political winds are changing in Europe.

In Local News: A local man who was sent to prison for a high visibility crime is going to get a retrial. A motorcyclists died after an accident and his motorcycle exploded!

News Flash: None of This Matters

Nearly every news story either: A) does not significantly impact you, or B) is something you have no control over.

The disasters, death tolls, and latest scare typically become irrelevant as soon as you turn off the TV. Most of the laws that politicians argue over, or international affairs end up having the smallest effect on your life.

If a story on the news is something that impacts your life, it’s likely there is little control you have over the situation. News about wars, the economy and major legislation may have SOME impact on your life, but what can you do about them? Realizing that those major events are not much in your control, the best thing to do is focus your energy on things that are.

The news is this strange phnenomon that attracts people on a daily basis to sit and expose themselves to stressful thoughts. When I do my morning run through my neighborhood, I can see the soft glow of TVs on, with the news channels playing. Political turmoil, local crime activity, natural disasters, etc, etc. All of these stories on suffering and potential problems, and all for what?

When It Doesn’t Effect You

The stories at the top of the page? I’d be willing to bet that a year from now, they don’t matter. And even if the topic of the story leads into something bigger, what did I gain by keeping up with the daily drip of information related to it?

Simple living is about finding what is essential in your life, and the news is almost never essential.

It is important to be informed when making decisions regarding investments, voting, and other societal responsibilities. However, you don’t need to watch expose yourself to┬áthe news to be informed. You can choose to read up and educate yourself on specific topics when they become relevant to your life.


  1. laura ann
    October 22, 2017

    Why do people bother to vote and keep up with pre election campaigns and speeches? stupidity and bordom not having enough to keep occupied with daily responsibilities. We are retirees and haven’t voted since Reagan in any election and rarely watch local and national news. We spend time doing what we want and help local group homes. Politicians are people that ignore real issues and they never really worked for a living/are self serving SOB’s /don’t understand the common worker.

    • James
      October 24, 2017

      Good points Laura! Cheap entertainment and the expense of your sanity.

    • Don
      February 10, 2018

      Also a retiree…don’t vote,only watch news as entertainment. Try to be self sufficient and volunteer whenever I can. Just enough charity to eliminate income tax. I agree with your views

      • James
        February 12, 2018

        Thanks for commenting Don. I agree that you can do a lot more at home. Volunteering is a great way to make your community better, without the need for political madness.


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