I’m going to let you in on a secret – the most important secret. Once you know this secret, you are able to live your best life.

The secret? You.

You are the answer to most of your questions, problems, and solutions in your life.

It’s very easy to credit or blame external factors in your life, but the reality is that there is nobody with more control over your own situation than yourself. With this understanding, you are able to free your mind to the possibility that you can bring about change in your life.

  • The reason you are not in shape? It’s you.
  • The reason you are not happy at work? It’s you.
  • The reason you buy too much stuff? It’s you.

Just as you are problem, the beauty of this mindset is that you are also the solution.

  • Ate better, exercised and got in shape? That was all you.
  • Found a better job, or worked out an issue with a boss? You took control.
  • Learned how to become content with what you own? You are the wise one.

Living a simple life means focusing on what is important. It’s about being effective. To be the best you.


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