How do you balance the people in your life with your simple living intentions? Will it be hard to maintain relationships if you make your life too simple? What do you do about that one person that makes your life difficult?

People can be complicated. As you try to live a simple life, the relationships you have will play an important role in how you embrace simple living. With practice, you’ll find that applying simple living principles to your relationships will only improve your life further. Here are some tips.

Be Intentional With Your Relationships.

Who you interact with has profound effects on your ability to live a simple life. So be intentional about who you are friends with, who you spend time with, and how your respond to people you interact with on a regular basis.

If there is somebody toxic in your life, cut them out. This can be as simple as learning how to stop letting their negative energy effect you as much, or as literal as no longer speaking to that person.

Spend more time with people who bring you joy. Make friendships and build relationships with people that enable you to live your life how you wish. Be intentional about the people around you.

Do What You Want To Do.

One of the largest impediments to simple living that relationships cause is this dreaded feeling of obligation. You feel guilty for saying no to people around you.

Derek Sivers is an entrepreneur who coined the concept of “Hell Yeah” or “No”. When somebody invites you to do something, your answer should be “Hell Yeah.” If it is not, then clearly it is not important or interesting to you. Say no, and don’t feel guilty turning down the invite.

People important in your life will respect you for taking control of your own time.

Suggest Simple Activities.

Spending time with friends doesn’t have to involve anything fancy or expensive. Suggest simple options for hanging out with friends.

We often will have dinner at either our, or one of our friend’s houses. Guests can bring over some appetizers and drinks, making it a simple and inexpensive way to hang out.

If your friends enjoy similar outdoor activities as you, going for hikes, bike rides, or just hanging out at a local park is a simple way to get some fresh air and sunshine.

You Don’t Need to Always Be Connected.

I’m shocked how many people still say they are on social media because they don’t want to miss out on what their friends are doing.

Event invites, vacation stories, and life updates. Social media is the drip-by-drip feed that allows you to never disconnect from your friends. Your reactions and comments to their posts enabling a quick communication.

But here is the thing – you don’t need to always be connected. In fact, disconnecting from your friends can make your interactions more meaningful. The important people in your life will still talk to you, invite you to events, and share important happenings in their life.

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