Learning to be content with what you have is an important step to improve your life.

There is a reason that so many religions, philosophers, and life coaches have focused on contentment. When you learn to be content with what you have, you unlock freedom from temptation, jealousy, and the need for always wanting more.

Contentment is not something that comes naturally to everybody, and for many people like myself, it’s a practice that needs cultivated.

5 Ways to Be Content With What You Have

1. A Detailed Clean – One of my go-to methods of brining out contentment for something is to give it a detailed clean. Your cars, home, clothing, etc. A deep clean will not only make the item look nicer, it will also give you an opportunity to show appreciation for it.

2. Pay Cash for Items – Nothing makes discontentment worse than a debt hangover. Paying cash for items is a great way to ensure that you will not regret the purchase in the future due to ongoing payments.

3. Remember Why You Bought It – Think back to the reason that you made a purchase, and recognize that what you have likely still fulfills those needs. The initial excitement of the purchase might not be there, however, it likely still get’s the job done.

4. Consider the Real Cost of Keeping Up with the Joneses – We all know that “The Joneses” are not as prosperous as they look. The cost of having new cars, new furniture, fancy vacations, etc, is high. At some point, living this lifestyle leaves little room for saving money. Most of the Joneses I know have at some point confessed to me that they wish they could spend less money.

5. Understand Your True Needs – Most important of all… know what you need. On a spiritual level, contentment comes from understanding what you really need in life. Family, friends, and meaningful work. Being truly¬†content with life starts inside you, not what you own.

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